As the old saying goes 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Constant Concept will not only help grow your business with new leads, but also cultivate your current database to retain existing clients.

Mobile Marketing

• People are texting ALL the time.
• Short messaging services (SMS) are becoming the go-to choice for real-time, effective communication with consumers.
• Announce new product offerings, send coupon codes, appointment reminders, or even a simple holiday greeting to your clients via our text messaging platform and stay top of mind.
• Our system allows for two-way communications; customers can also reply to your message to confirm appointments or ask additional questions – all through a text message conversation.

Email Marketing

• Our team will work with you to create custom, mobile-optimized email alerts that can be deployed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to all of your existing or potential clients.
• Announce promotions or new product offerings and deliver up-to-the-minute information directly into the palms of your customers’ hands.
• Your emails can also link out to your social media platforms to help increase engagement rates and grow your word of mouth advertising.

See Results – Proprietary Tracking Systems

• No strategy is complete without comprehensive ROI metrics to track results.
• Track the ROI of your marketing campaigns with our easy to use customer portal interface, which allows every business to track in depth metrics on their campaigns and to measure and monitor the results of their investment.